Model Ashley Graham launching new plus size lingerie line in August

Plus size models seem to be very eager to prove they have a top place in the modeling community, and they are doing it right. Crystal Renn was the modern pioneer, directing the limelight to curvy models with her amazing transformation. Soon after Robin Lawley emerged, who has been running a great food blog on Tumblr, and now has a cookbook published by the prestigious Random House in Australia, while having more covers than most of her regular sized peers.

Ashley Graham is the newest plus size beauty who is now also an entrepreneur. Her lingerie line that was inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey will be available on in August.

According to WWD, Ashley Graham and Addition Elle have partnered together to design the line of lingerie for the past five seasons. Read more on Cosmopolitan.


Why I Got Covered

Christina Ionno_2At the beginning of my modeling career in Canada, I didn’t have a clear understanding of how to obtain health insurance abroad. Unlike many other professionals, models do not receive health insurance benefits through an employer. We are on our own to figure it out. When we sign a contract with an agency, they might provide some information explaining where the nearest gym is located that offers models a discount, or where we can get our hair, nails and spray tans done. But I was never told what number to call in an emergency or the location of the nearest hospital.

Read more on the website of the New York based Model Alliance.


MAMA (Managers and Models Association), along with key partners and experts, has been lobbying for the proper visa and work permits for models working in China.

We are pleased with the decision of the People Republic of China to approve short term work visa “Z” for models.

“Models- Print and Runway” are now specifically and officially named within this work visa type.

A trial implementation began Jan 01, 2015 named “Short Term Employment Visa” permits models to stay and work in china. Models may work 90 days or less, the visa cannot be extended more than 90 days.

There is no limit to applicants’ age and nationality for the short term “Z” visa. 18 years old and above is recommended.

Read more on the website of the Managers and Models Association.